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AMD investgate Fusion for Android tablets_8

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It seems that Advanced Micro Devices definitely does not plan to allow the tablet market slip through its grasp, with decided to push its Fusion technology within this segment as arduously as you can. When looking at how Advanced Micro Devices is addressing the tablet industry, one might draw the conclusion that it is trying to prevent what happened along with netbooks. AMD didn’t offer much, if anything, in terms of cellular processors until this past year, at least not something that could severely challenge Intel. This, among other things, means it dropped out on the sales growth it might have gotten had it designed s chip or two to get netbooks. Tablets are, now, proving to have an increase potential like that of entry-level laptops, and AMD is certainly not enthusiastic about missing this time. Having delivered Fusion-based APUs (accelerated processing components ) suited to these machines, the Sunnyvale, California-based costume expects to observe tablets adopting them as AMD investgate Fusion for Android tablets well, like the Acer Iconia W500 failed, among others. Of course, to have some success, it ought to make sure that operating systems are supported, and this also extends into more than just Windows. Apparently, the company is going to continue to keep a close eye on MeeGo (though it doesn’t have a lot of faith in this stage ) and will”explore” Google’s Android, based on a meeting with X-bit Labs. “As we look onto open-standards market, the Android surely creates a tremendous amount of sense,”said Neal Robison, senior director of content and program support at AMD. “That is something we will be exploring as we carry our Fusion design [into fresh markets] and we are able to create versions of the design for lower electricity surroundings which would work very nicely for, possibly, a tablet with this operating system.” “MeeGo is quite interesting from a Linux standpoint, and I think we Will Need to see Slightly more market approval.”

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