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A Step-By-Step Guide to Inspect Not New Hard Drive Speed After Updating Drivers

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There’s even a "Select Old Driver" button that will auto-check the boxes next to unused driver files, which can be deleted all at once. Deleting duplicate files from your system could recover many gigs of space if only a few large files are found. Unfortunately, without PowerShell scripts or searching for the files via File Explorer, Windows doesn’t make it easy to find duplicate files. We recently tested third-party software dedicated to deleting duplicate data and found CloneSpy to have the best combination of providing just enough features with a clutter-free interface. On my system, the most significant blocks shown in the Visual Treemap were the Virtual Disk Image (.vdi) files.

Oracle Virtualbox VM creates VDI files for each Operating System you install on it. A longtime back, I had tested Oracle Virtualbox VM and later uninstalled it as I switched to Hyper-V.

Delete Memory Dump Files

It is easy to forget about huge files we placed on our hard drives and once intended to later remove. The Windows Disk Cleaner only gives me a few hundred additional MBs. Some commercial cleanup tools can go much deeper cover not just Windows but also 3rd party programs or even games (if you’re into that). It’s a little bit like vacuuming the floor before your wax and deep-clean it – and that’s what professional cleanup tools do, like (ahem, plug coming) our fix vcruntime140.dll error own AVG TuneUp.

WithCleanMyPCyou can get rid of all clutter in one click. The debugger is free and available from Microsoft’s Web site. If you don’t have a dump file on your machine, you can get one from another system or download one here.

This kernel dump is about 20M bytes zipped and 60M bytes extracted. It was created using a testing tool that generates a system crash.

Delete Temporary Files In Windows

  • Mark Hachman / IDGThe “temporary files” section usually contains a number of files that can be safely deleted.
  • Our previous Storage Sense how-to is still in effect, but Windows has added controls to optionally delete files in your Downloads folder.
  • I never want that to happen, and you might not want that to happen, either.

On Mac, crash dumps are saved to your home folder. From the Finder, click the "Go" menu and select "Home" to open your Home folder. BSoD problem can also be caused by a virus which has infected crucial files in the hard drive that might disrupt the flow of information between the operating system and hard drive. If you have already installed antivirus software, you might have to scan your computer with a new one. You can also manually delete old restore points or disable the feature from the same window.

This can be changed to clean all temp files in the Advanced Settings. Have you looked at your indexing, Windows.edb, file? A co-worker of mine had an issue similar to this where a large amount of disk space was being taken up why the Windows indexing service. We only found out about the issue after the user complained about running out of disk space.

However, some of them may take a lot of your time and efforts. CleanMyPC can help you free up disk space with minimum efforts and considerable results. Want to free up disk space and use your PC more effectively? Previously, we’ve mentioned several ways you can free up disk space by getting rid of temporary files, cleaning the recycle bin and other junk.

However, as I didn’t remove those virtual machines before uninstalling Oracle Virtualbox, the virtual disks (.vdi) are still lying around in the hard disk. To start Disk Cleanup with all checkboxes enabled already, use the cleanmgr.exe /LOWDISK command-line. See the article Start Disk Cleanup With All Checkbox Options Enabled by Defaultfor more information. Start Disk Cleanup (cleanmgr.exe) as administrator, and enable all the checkboxes.

Free Up Pc Space By Automating Temporary File Cleanup

Windows Log Files – Windows logs many events and activities, such as access, policy changes, Internet use, tasks, and so on. As a result, the dozens of logs it creates are scattered across the system. Temporary Files – CCleaner will delete the Windows temporary files which are not in use. By default it only removes files that have not been accessed in 48 hours.

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